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Why you need to attend the Digital Healthcare Victorian Summit:

  • Examine C-level perspectives on IT governance to achieve cost savings and successful project delivery
  • Explore the use big data and health informatics in strategic decision making and assessment of patient demographics
  • Assessing workforce capabilities in utilising and managing data
  • Understand the benefits of digital healthcare and how to avoid costly mistakes
  • Identify and address the challenges associated with EMR project delivery, including legacy system integration
  • ICT commissioning challenges in a live hospital environment
  • Discover new ways of connecting the patient and carer community besides EMR
  • Reinventing your digital ecosystem to be patient-centric
  • Assess the maturity of your cyber security and data governance regimes
  • Discuss ICT infrastructure implementation
  • Learn about technologies leveraged to re-invent models of care and offer a wider range of services

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