Alexius Julian

Chief Medical Information Officer
St John of God Health Care

10:10 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Opportunities for Big Data and Health Informatics to Deliver Better Healthcare Outcomes

Big data and health informatics will change the way healthcare is practised. Technology is an enabler in connecting the disparate parts of the healthcare system to better understand what an individual needs and produce better outcomes more cost effectively. Greater exploration in how we can leverage data to improve health outcomes must become a core purpose for every organisation. However, with big data comes the need to ensure better governance of data and cyber security issues and reassessment of workforce capabilities.

Discussion points will include:
  • What are the opportunities for big data and health informatics to improve healthcare?
  • Data governance and cyber security measures that you must have in place
  • Are people within health appropriately skilled to be able to utilise and understand data?
  • How to use of machine learning and predictive modelling in a healthcare context
  • What technology can we leverage to improve decision making and data analytics?


1:40 PM CASE STUDY: Establishing Mature Info-Security and Governance Regimes to Successfully Deliver EMR

Over the last 2 years, IT leaders of the 367-bed St John of God Midland (SJG) public and private hospital in Perth represents a series of firsts for St John of God Health Care (SJGHC): it was their first Public-private partnership, it was their first greenfield site in WA in recent years and it was built with the intention of being their first digital hospital. Midland has undergone a revolutionary EMR journey as a stepping stone to it becoming fully digitized. It is also the first step toward the entire SJGHC group becoming fully digitised. SJG continues to work with the staff of the hospital to overcome the cultural and technical challenges, progress the transition to a digitally enabled care environment. Thorough benefit realisation analyses are still ongoing. In this session, Alexius will discuss:
  • Key challenges faced along their EMR journey and how they have overcome those challenges
  • How being future-focused and wiling to challenge the status quo is crucial for remaining innovative and meeting higher demands for better, safer and mobile care
  • Why maturity of cyber security and data governance regimes can impact the success of your delivery
  • The importance of understanding and leveraging informatics to better inform clinical decisions