Andrew Saunders

Director Digital Health
Department of Health and Human Services

9:10 AM KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Overview of Victoria’s State-Wide Digital Health Strategy: What Can You Expect?

Victoria’s Digital Health strategy is a state wide initiative implemented by Andrew and his team with the aim of achieving a shared health record to improve care and well being. A key aspect of the strategy is to enable the appropriate sharing of clinical information between health and social care functions to support a person-centred approach to health and well being. In this session, Andrew will outline how this will affect Victoria as a whole, with particular focus on:

  • The 6 building blocks for the realisation of Victoria’s Digital Health strategy
  • Why fully digitising health is the solution to connecting cross-functional services and enabling a more integrated approach to research and analytics while allowing for early prevention and early intervention
  • The importance of digital clinical systems in integrating and exchanging information across health services and primary health records

10:10 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Role of Senior Leaders in IT Governance

When you deliver new technology in healthcare, you must have measures in place to manage the transformation. In this panel, IT leaders will share their experiences on IT project risk management and governance to enable cost savings and successful project delivery. They will also cover the new and trending technologies they have seen and harnessed in their respective projects.

Discussion points will include:
  • What’s next for healthcare and where do we see ourselves in 15-20 years?
  • Overview of current or recently completed digital hospital projects
  • How they embedded digital innovation throughout their facilities
  • Benefit realisation as a key component of IT governance and risk management
  • What can we harness from the digital world to improve health outcomes and deliver new models of care?


12:30 PM Cyber Security Planning and Implementation

While cyber attacks and data breaches are rising across industries, healthcare as lagging behind in cyber security investment. With the world becoming increasingly integrated as a result of EMR, My Health Record and other clinical information systems, cyber security and protection of patient confidentiality is a bigger threat than ever before.

In this interactive workshop, Andrew Saunders Director Digital Health at the Department of Health and Human Services will explore how healthcare providers can maintain trust in their systems and explore the necessary security measures that are required to safeguard patient information to maintain cost efficiencies and avoid reputational damage.

Learning outcomes will include:
  • Understanding the major cyber security attacks your healthcare organisation is vulnerable to
  • Determining the significance of a security incident
  • Developing a security awareness program