Felicity Hodder

ICT and Clinical Commissioning Lead
Perth Children’s Hospital

10:10 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Role of Senior Leaders in IT Governance

When you deliver new technology in healthcare, you must have measures in place to manage the transformation. In this panel, IT leaders will share their experiences on IT project risk management and governance to enable cost savings and successful project delivery. They will also cover the new and trending technologies they have seen and harnessed in their respective projects.

Discussion points will include:
  • What’s next for healthcare and where do we see ourselves in 15-20 years?
  • Overview of current or recently completed digital hospital projects
  • How they embedded digital innovation throughout their facilities
  • Benefit realisation as a key component of IT governance and risk management
  • What can we harness from the digital world to improve health outcomes and deliver new models of care?


6:20 PM CASE STUDY: Perth Children’s Hospital Project – ICT Commissioning Challenges and Strategies

Destined to be one of Australia’s leading paediatric hospitals, the $1.2 billion Perth Children’s Hospital was subject to some commissioning challenges in relation to maintaining a live hospital environment on a construction site. In this session, Felicity will be touching on their journey and key challenges from an ICT and clinical commissioning perspective while also outlining strategies she and her team successfully implemented in response to these challenges:

  • ICT and clinical commissioning – key challenges in commissioning in a construction environment and innovative solutions they have implemented to ensure operational efficiency
  • Managing the workforce and workflow in a new and different digital environment
  • Why it’s important to help people engage, find value in change in workflow and improve usability in transitioning into a new digital environment
  • Stakeholder management to manage expectations and to ensure staff are optimally trained and the importance of workflow familiarization