Francis Qiu

Chief Medical Information Officer
Jiahui International Hospital (Shanghai)

1:50 PM INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Insight into Chinese Private Healthcare Delivery and its Information Management Implementation, Opportunities and Challenges

At total investment of $500 million and 500 licensed beds, the new Jiahui International Hospital is currently the largest, foreign-invested joint venture hospital in Shanghai and will be one of Shanghai’s first private hospitals focused on delivering efficient, comprehensive and patient-focused healthcare. Taking advantage of China’s highly advanced mobile networks, Francis and his team are a key influence in the ICT infrastructure of this new development as they continually challenge the status quo and seek to provide enhanced healthcare solutions. In this session, Francis will discuss:

  • The history behind Jiahui Health which is part of a multi-site, vertically integrated healthcare ecosystem that will provide a continuum of wellness and healthcare services;
  • Key challenges associated with the new build from an Information Management and commissioning perspective;
  • Technologies they are leveraging to re-invent models of care and offer a wider range of services
  • eHealth journeys drawing from Francis’ experience in Shanghai and previous role as CMIO at eHealth Ontario, Canada