Jane Kealey

Telehealth Manager - Emergency Department
Northeast Health Wangaratta

11:40 AM Digital Health and healthcare Equality in the Hume Region: We Just Have to ‘Bite the Bullet’.

Digital health is a good fit for rural and regional populations. Building on 4 years of experience in development of Regional Emergency Department Telehealth services, inpatient and outpatient video consultations across the region, more recent work has positioned Northeast Health Wangaratta to lead development of:
  • Facilitation and delivery of tertiary specialist telehealth clinics (Hume Telehealth Agency) supported by  funding from DHHS, linking consumers with clinicians
  • Broad participation and independence in telehealth across health services in the Hume region using a phased approach
  • Digital health can reduce the rural-metro health divide, we just need to bite the bullet.