Lauren Andrew

Change Manager – EMR Project
The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

11:30 AM EMR – Keys to Making Big Implementation Successful

  • Discussing the RCH approach to implementing a large scope of clinical and admin functionality at the same time
  • Benefits and considerations to ensure the large change is successful including ways to identify impacts, resourcing, and go-live support


3:50 PM CASE STUDY: My RCH Portal: A Window into the Medical Record for RCH Patients and Families

In 2016, The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) became the first hospital in Australia to launch a comprehensive patient portal as part of its EMR, giving RCH patients and their families greater access than ever before to important health information, including test results and doctors’ notes. In this session, the RCH will share on:
  • Why the portal was a must-have feature of its EMR
  • The important role clinicians and consumers played in deciding key portal functionality
  • Key challenges during implementation and the portal’s impact on clinical care

9:00 AM Change Management and Electronic Medical Record – Where Do You Start?

Delivering a comprehensive strategy for managing change is a critical success factor for the EMR project. The change strategy and activities must be planned carefully to create a climate for staff to understand and be willing to adopt the change and be successful contributors to the future state. Effective change management will deliver staff engagement and readiness, support an accelerated adoption timeframe, minimize the risk of resistance and deliver benefits to our health communities. But where do you start and what do you need to accomplish to support a successful EMR implementation?

In this interactive workshop, Adrian Hutchison CCIO and his colleague Lauren Andrew EMR Change Manager from The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne shall cover the following areas:
  • Approaching the change strategy and plans
  • Clinician and staff engagement
  • Getting what you need from leaders and sponsors
  • Readiness versus resistance
  • Mapping workflow change, risk and impact